Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light

Specifications of CFL based Solar Street Lighting Systems (As per MNRE)


  • M.S. Galvanized Pole (Medium Gauge), 4.8m Height having 4m above ground level.

  • 2 × 37Wp or 1 × 74Wp STC SPV Module(s).

  • SPV Module Mounting Structure.

  • Outdoor type weather proof 01×11Watt CFL Luminary

  • 1 × 75AH 12V Flooded Electrolyte Tubular Plate Battery.

  • Dusk to Dawn Operation.

  • Vented Acid Proof and Corrosion Resistant M.S. Battery Box/Plastic Battery Box.

  • 650 V Grade 4sq mm, 2 Core Copper Cable.

Specifications of WHITE LED based Solar Street Lighting Systems (As per MNRE)

White Light Emitting Diode (W-LED) is a solid state device which emits light when forward electric current passes through it. A LED based solar street lighting system consists of a PV Module, control electronics, battery, and W-LED based Luminary, all suitably mounted on a Pole. The battery is charged by electricity generated through the PV module during day time and the luminary provides light from dusk to dawn.

  • Light Source: White Light Emitting Diode (W-LED)

  • Light Output: White colour minimum 15 LUX when measured at the periphery of 4 meter diameter from a height of 4 meter.

  • Mounting of light: Minimum 4 metre pole mounted.

  • 40 Wp under STC, measured at 16.4 V at load. Module Voc minimum of 21V

  • Tubular Lead acid Flooded or Tubular GEL / AGM VRLA , 12 V- 40 AH @ C/10, Max DoD 75%

  • Electronics Efficiency: Min 85% total

  • Duty Cycle: Dusk to dawn

  • Autonomy: 3 days (Minimum 42 operating hours per permissible discharge)


  • The system has protection against battery overcharge and deep discharge conditions.

  • Fuses are provided to protect against short circuit conditions.

  • A blocking diode is provided as part of the electronics, to prevent reverse flow of current through the PV module(s).

  • Electronics is operating at 12 V and have temperature compensation for proper charging of the battery throughout the year.


  • Metallic frame structure (with corrosion resistance paint) will be fixed on the roof of the house to hold the SPV module. The frame structure has provision to adjust its angle of inclination to the horizontal between 0 and 45 degree, so that it can be installed at the specified tilt angle.

  • It is possible to mount the light source on a metallic arm attached to the pole. The metallic arm for holding the light assembly should be extended at least 1.5 metres from the pole and set at a suitable angle to maximize uniform illumination of desired level over the specified area.

  • A vented metallic/plastic box with acid proof corrosion resistance paint for housing the storage battery outdoors is provided.