Solar Battery Charger

Foldable Solar Battery Charger

iphone The newest in light weight portable Solar Chargers from Sunwin Energy & Infra (P) Ltd. These extremely light weight and compact Solar Battery Charger are perfect for charging wireless, Satellite receivers, Cell phones, GPS, MP3 and other small devises. These chargers can be easily folded and stored in a backpack. Originally designed for Defence use, these rugged Solar Chargers are now available to customers.

Technical Specifications

Parameters Specification

Manpack / Compact, Portable, Light Weight & convenient to carry portable type (with folding) Solar Battery Charging system for mobile use for charging of NiMH/Lithium-ion battery (7.5 V 2000 to 2500 mAh), 12 V 7 Ah Lead Acid type battery (SMF), NiMH/Lithium-ion battery 12 V 7 Ah for HF Manpack set Model LHP-265-12 V DC 6 Ah & VX-1210-12 VDC 4800 mAh (BEL & Vertex make).

Types of Solar Material Amorphous Thin Film
Type of Solar panelFlexible and Foldable
Operating Temperature-10º C to + 60ºC
Solar Battery Charging System field selectable at6V/12V
Nominal peak power60 Watt
Operating Voltage15 V to 17 V
Operating Current3.6 Amp.
Short Circuit current while selected at 12 Volt2.90 to 3.8 Amp.
Peak open circuit voltage while selected at 12 Volt 18-20 Volt
Maximum size while folded10.3 8.92.8 225
Maximum dimension while unfolded60 42.06
LeadsCharging Leads are provided
General tolerance
Weight1.5 Kgs.
Charge Controller

There is option of load controller for connecting load also online. Solar panel, charger have facility to connect load (Radio set) during charging condition and also have control switch for checking the output charger.

  • 12 V Female Cigarette Lighter Adopter
  • Male Cigarette Lighter Adapter with multi option Mobile Charging Connectors.
  • 15 ft extension cord with plug for charging the Battery of hand held Radio sets.
  • User Manual